What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file attachment, which is placed in the browser of your computer or on your mobile device. So-called "first party cookies" are cookies controlled by the company, which operates the domain on which the cookies are placed. cookies are therefore "first party cookies". Whenever we allow third parties to use cookies through the web pages and apps of these cookies are "third party cookies".

In addition to cookies, other comparable tracking technologies may be used. For example, they include tracking pixels (called pixel tags, web bugs, or GIFs), tracking URLs or software developer kits (SDKs). A tracking pixel is a tiny graphic only one pixel in size which is sent either via a web page request, in an app, in an advertisement, or in the E.Mail-HTML format to your computer. Pixels can be used to request data from your device, for example your type of device or your operating system, the IP address, and the time of your visit. Pixels are also used to operate and access cookies in your. Tracking URLs can be used to determine via which referring website the web pages or apps are visited. SDKs, however, are small code components within apps, which work in a manner similar to cookies and tracking pixels.

For the purposes of the present rules regarding cookies, all of these technologies are collectively referred to as "cookies".

Depending on their function and their intended use, cookies can be divided into four categories*: technical cookies, functional cookies & cookies necessary for the purpose of the company, analytic cookies, and cookies for marketing purposes.

Cookies on This Website Which Do Not Require Consent – Technical Cookies, Functional Cookies & Cookies Necessary for the Purpose of the Company - (Strictly necessary)

Strictly necessary cookies (technical cookies, functional cookies & cookies necessary for the purpose of the company), also referred to as "strictly necessary cookies", ensure functions without which you could not use this website as intended. These cookies are exclusively used by HRS and are therefore so-called first party cookies.
We want to offer our users modern and user-friendly web pages and apps, which automatically reflect their wishes and needs. For such purpose, we use technical cookies to be able to display our website to you and ensure proper functioning. Technical cookies are also used to create the user account, log in, and manage your bookings. This is indispensable for correct functionality of our website.

In addition to technical cookies, HRS also uses functional cookies & cookies necessary for the purpose of the company. Without such cookies (functional cookies & cookies necessary for the purpose of the company), functions, which permit convenient, efficient and user-friendly surfing on our websites and our apps, for example, your preferred language and currency preferences as well as your searches and accommodations you have viewed earlier, are no longer available. In addition, these cookies can also be used to store your log-in data to ensure that you do not need to reenter them again every time you visit our page. Your password, however, is always encrypted. These functional cookies & cookies necessary for the purpose of the company are indispensable for the functioning of our website considering that they enhance user-friendliness and ensure that your visit to HRS is as pleasant as possible. They also ensure that reports about web/app activities can be prepared and to provide other use with the website/app. The legal basis for use of these cookies necessary for the purpose of the company is Article 6, Paragraph 1, letter f of the Basic Data Protection Regulation.

Strictly required cookies can not be deactivated using the function of this page. You can deactivate cookies in general in your browser at all times.

Examples for Cookies Which Do Not Require Consent/List of Cookies Which Do Not Require Consent

First-Party-CookiePurposeExpiration Date
SessionIdContains an anonymous identifier to help the web server recognize associated requests.
End of session
Technical Cookies