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Hoteliers ask …

… Maike Koervers, Hotel Sales Manager for the Cologne and Düsseldorf region at HRS GROUP, answers.

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Maike Koervers, Hotel Sales Manager for the Cologne and Düsseldorf region at HRS GROUP

"How does the HRS ranking work, and how can I optimise my listing?"

Our ranking is based on guests' requests and at the same time takes into account several dozen criteria for the hotel's products and services. One very important influencing factor is what is known as the "conversion rate," meaning the relationship between the number of clicks on your hotel and the bookings arising from them. In order to influence this rate in favour of the bookings, you should make your products and services as attractive as possible. You can achieve this with good fixtures and fittings, broad product diversity (e.g. hot deal rates or company discounts), free amenities (e.g. WiFi or free parking), a comprehensive portrayal of your hotel (e.g. with many high-quality photos) as well as good availability. On the HRS GROUP service portal, you will find a more detailed checklist for this purpose. The integrated traffic-light model gives you recommendations on which quality adjustments you can make to position your products and services more prominently in the hit-list.

"Can you delete negative reviews?"

Fundamentally, reviews are an opportunity for every hotelier. Bad reviews in particular provide you with valuable indications of where things are not working well and where you can improve something, for example, with regard to the service or the fixtures and fittings. If you take the issue seriously, you can gain a decisive competitive advantage over your competitors. Use the comment function to thank guests for their feedback or to take a stand about unwarranted reviews. Tip: Set up email notification under "Hotel profile" > "My guest reviews" > "Notifications". Here you can select whether you would like to be informed by email about new reviews on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to be able to react to new entries. If a guest contravenes the conditions of use, we can delete these reviews again after consultation. Furthermore, in exceptional cases, it is possible to delete old reviews following extensive renovations. However, you have to be able to provide us with photos to prove these changes have been made.

"How can I add or change the price of breakfast?"

That can be done very easily in the hotel self-administration (HSV) under https://hotelservice.hrs.com. In the menu item "Further prices" you will find the link to "Breakfast" (see photo), where you can set both the price as well as the type of breakfast (buffet, American or Continental) for the current year and for the coming years. Then, when you set your rate under "Rates and availability", you can enter for each individual rate whether breakfast is inclusive or exclusive. If you normally do not offer breakfast at your hotel, then you can simply activate the option "Breakfast not available". In this case, all room prices for the selected year will be displayed with this reference.