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TEXT Anke Pedersen

Filling in forms now a thing of the past

How can things be made easier and more convenient? That is the driving question behind digitalisation. Filling in registration forms by hand may seem like nothing but a minor inconvenience. However, it is both time-consuming and irritating for both guests and reception employees. Unless, of course, they are partners or customers of HRS.

Susanne F., a partner in a renowned consultancy firm, has stayed at this hotel at least twenty times. Whenever she is in the area on business, this is where she stays, because of its central location, competitive price and friendly team. Yet there is one thing that is starting to grate on her nerves, and that is having to fill out a new registration form every single time she stays. “They know me by now,” she complains, “surely they could do it themselves.” 

Of course, she is not the only one who is starting to view filling out forms by hand as rather anachronistic in this digital age. Now, rather than having to start the check-in process from scratch each time, almost every frequent business traveller simply has to tick three boxes and provide their signature. This is all thanks to their host having taken care of the tedious form-filling process for them. All they have to do is sign – job done.

No more waiting in line – just sign

If HRS has its way, in the future it won't just be guests checking in to a well-staffed luxury hotel who only have to tick three boxes, but every My HRS guest, every time they check in – and hoteliers will stand to benefit too. This is because HRS will be relieving all partner hotels and guests with a My HRS account of the chore of manually filling in registration forms. To use this service, guests simply need to set up their Smarthotel profile in the HRS app, after which their data will be stored in the system, ready for use every time they make a booking, regardless of whether they do this on their smartphone or computer. 

For hotel partners, there's even less to do. In fact, they hardly have to lift a finger, except to print an auto-completed form provided by HRS and ask the guest to sign it. HRS partner Conichi, who provide the technology on which this service is based, has designed the processes in such a way that the required documentation is always automatically e-mailed to the relevant hotel the night before a guest arrives. In the case of same-day bookings, the documents are sent immediately after the booking is made.

The first to benefit from shorter waiting times – and grateful guests – will be HRS hotel partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all with no need to register and at no additional cost. Over time, the service will be simplified even further and rolled out worldwide to all HRS partner hotels and their tight-scheduled business guests.